All about cream fumaderm

A cream that works in psoriasis and neurodermatitis
Below is a recipe for a cream for psoriasis and neurodermatitis works and that in the meantime you can and buy in Europe. Is still very little known in Europe, but the news spreads like wildfire.
About 20 years ago a german doctor has discovered a simple cream,  called fumaderm, based on avocado oil and vitamin B12, who used it successfully to skin diseases like psoriasis and neurodermatitis.
Doctor has made a firm and thought it would make business life and also helping patients tried to bring to the market this cream, but no big or small medicine company did not want it and he failed to bring in pharmacy after 20 years of trying. Only now with a book and with a broadcast on television has broken silence and started several small manufacturers to manufacture.
I leafed through the book recently published about this fumaderm is free date and recipe. And I was already sure after reading what I read it is a cream that works, and it is very logical that pharmaceutical companies do not want such a cream on the market, because they earn a lot with cortisone creams.
A few days ago I stumbled upon a German forum where many patients have tried it and indeed helped most people to escape for the first time in their life, after decades of disease. But the cream should be used a few weeks until they do effect because the skin does not heal overnight. Cream did not even help all,  because there is no natural or divine right medicine to help all people, that both the constitution and causes of the disease is different, many had no patience, others used in parallel and chemical drugs and creams blockers. But for those with psoriasis or neurodermatitis this cream should be tested, because that will give you the most results.
Fumaderm can also buy the meantime because it seems that because the ad made directly to the television and because the book appeared, this cream took the road back- from people to the factories- and not as the pharmaceutical industry makes her give us only what she wants. So fumaderm has begun to be manufactured under the name "Regividerm"
or simply "avocado oil with vitamin B12"
Fumaderm cream can be made after a recipe, if you can buy these ingredients in the original recipe.  
-        0.07 g Vitamin B12 (synthetic)
-         46 g Avocado-ol (avocado oil)
-        45.42 g gereignites Wasser. Water (distilled)
-        8 g Tegocare PS (an emulsifier, natural Tensid)
-         0.26 g Kaliumsorbat (potassium sorbate)
-        0.25 g Zitronens√§ure (citric acid)
Citric acid and potassium sorbatul have a preservative role and can give up to them in case is crafted from the pharmacy and not bought. Tegocare PS is a tensid, used as emulsifier.  I think the secret is actually avocado oil with vitamin B12 artificial. 


  1. is a beneficial cream in treating of skin diseases, especially psoriasis

  2. I used a cream that I have this composition and it was good for me